Radhi Small Hydro Power Project

Installed Capacity:
4.4 MW

Tallo Khare Khola Hydro Power Project

Installed Capacity:
11 MW

Syange Hydro Power Project

Installed Capacity:

Tallo Khare Khola Hydro Power Project

Universal Power Company Limited, a subsidiary of CEDB Hydropower Development Company Limited, is developing Tallo Khare Khola Hydropower Project (11 MW). The project has an installed capacity of 11 MW at Q40 with design discharge of 10.1 m3/s and gross head of 140.5m.The project is located at Suri, Chankhu and Khare VDCs of Dolakha District which is about 175 km east from Kathmandu. The Generation license has been received from Department of Electricity Development of under Ministry of Energy for 11 MW Capacity. The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has been conducted for 11 MW has also been signed. The Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) and Supplementary IEE for 11 MW have been approved by Government of Nepal.


The Scoping and ToR of the 132kV transmission line is approved on Ashad 03, 2073 (June 22, 2016) from Ministry of Environment science and Technology. Contract has been awarded to expert consultant team for design review of the project and construction supervision. The detail review and design of headworks has been completed. The review and design of headrace pipe and powerhouse has almost been completed. Contract for the construction of headworks has been issued. The tender for construction of headrace section of project has been issued. Technical inquiry and clarification with electromechanical supplier is at final stage. The financial closure of Tallo Khare Khola Hydropower Project has been conducted for 11 MW with Bank of Kathmandu (BOK) as lead bank. The interconnection agreement for 11MW with NEA has been signed for the evacuation of power.


The power will be evacuated through 5.3 km132 kV transmission line to the proposed Singati substation of NEA. The Detail Engineering Design, ERT survey and core drilling has been completed. 99% of land required for project along intake, headrace, camp site and powerhouse has been purchased and leased. The approval of the land required to be leased and trees to be cut on the government land is taken on Kartik 25, 2073 (November 10, 2016) from Ministry of Forest. The tress at the private land has been cut down. A camp house at site has been constructed at site for the staff. The project office is in Bluestar office complex, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu. Project team is in place. The project is under construction.


Project Details

Installed capacity  11 MW
Design Discharge  10.1 m3/s
Gross Head  140.5 M
Dry Season Energy  11,527,201 KWh
Wet Season Energy  51,204,551 KWh
Total Energy  62,731,751 KWh
Construction Period  3 years


The Project is being developed by same developer that completed 4.4MW Radhi Small Hydropower Project in 20 months and within budget of NRs 600 Million.


For more information please visit our official website: www.universalpowercompany.com.np


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